Here is the story on how we deal and approch the projects.

Our Process.


First and foremost we analyse the requirements with customers to understand the process of business and key problems they are willing to find solutions, During this phase we roughly draws the flow diagram and choose best suited technology to approach the project.


After properly analysing the requirements we start creating actual design and send it to the customers for approval. This phase also includes the number of revisions until client is not approving it 100% with satisfaction.


After getting the approval on the design we start on coding by keeping the delivery date in mind, We assign the project to the best suited experienced developer based on the complexity & urgency of the project, This will end up the robust system out for delivery and that's our success.

Test & Support

The last phase is to test all the codeded features by our well skilled testing team for bug fixing, Before handing over system to customers. Finally we deploy the project to the live environment and provide the free support for bug fixing.